All the tutorials take place on June 13th, and last 90 minutes each.

See also the Detailed Schedule and detailed description for each tutorial

Morning tutorials (10:00)

  • Josef Spillner, “Function-as-a-Service: A Pythonic Perspective on Serverless Computing”
  • Francis Wolinski, “Introduction to Data Analysis using Python”
  • Julien SIMON, “An introduction to Deep Learning with mxnet”
  • Benjamin Guinebertière, “Program in Python against big data clusters from one VM, thanks to Docker”

Afternoon tutorials (14:00)

  • Ludovic Gasc, “AsyncIO and aiohttp workshop”
  • Joris Van den Bossche, “Data analysis with Pandas”
  • Bhargav Srinivasa Desikan, “Topic Modelling (and a lot more) with NLP framework Gensim”
  • Nick Tollervey, “micro:bit workshop”

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