• Introduction, Stéfane Fermigier (Program Chair) [Slides] [Video]

  • Keynote, Sylvain Corlay [Slides] [Video]

  • Keynote : Is Python still production ready ? Ludovic Gasc [Slides] [Video]

  • Keynote : Python in Education, Nicholas Tollervey [Slides] [Video]

  • Keynote : promises and perils in AI, Andreas Müller [Slides] [Video]

Track: Data 1

  • Neat Analytics with Pandas Indexes, Alexander Hendorf [Slides] [Video]

  • Pandas: what’s new and what’s coming, Joris Van den Bossche [Slides] [Video]

  • Some extensions for Jupyter/Python notebook, Jean-François Bercher Slides] Video]

  • Simple ETL in python 3.5+ with Bonobo, Romain Dorgueil [Slides] [Video]

  • Exploring French Job Ads, Lynn Cherny [Slides] [Video]

  • Open-Source Analytics Stack on MongoDB, with Schema, Pierre-Alain Jachiet and Aurélien Gervasi [Slides] [Video]

  • FluidDyn, open-science in fluid dynamics with Python: examples of recent developments, Pierre Augier

Track: Data 2

  • From Python to smartphones: neural nets @ Saint-Gobain, François Sausset [Slides] [Video]

  • Using Python to fight Malaria, Pierre Poulain [Slides] [Video]

  • Collaborative filtering for recommendation systems in Python, Nicolas Hug [Slides] [Video]

  • Automatic image moderation in classifieds, Jarosław Szymczak [Slides] [Video]

  • A Beginners Guide to Weather & Climate Data, Margriet Groenendijk [Slides] [Video]

  • xtensor: the lazy tensor algebra library, Johan Mabille [Slides] [Video]

  • The rod of Asclepios: Machine learning in Python for cardiac image analysis, Jan Margeta [Slides] [Video]

  • Machine Learning in computational materials science: an overview, a primer, and a rant, Igor Mosyagin [Slides] [Video]

  • FreeDiscovery - information retrieval and e-Discovery in Python, Roman Yurchak [Slides] [Video]

Track: Web / Cloud

  • Using Python for IoT: a return of experience, Alexandre Abadie [Slides] [Video]

  • Syncing up with Python’s asyncio for (micro) service development, Joir-dan Gumbs [Slides] [Video]

  • Building a high-performance, scalable ML & NLP platform with Python, Sheer El Showk [Slides] [Video]

  • Designing and coding for cloud-native applications using Python, Harjinder Mistry [Slides] [Video]

  • Ways to generate PDF from Python Web applications, Gaël Le Mignot [Slides] [Video]

  • Serverless architecture in Python with Azure Functions, Benjamin Talmard [Slides] [Video]

Track: Core

  • Mock it right! A beginner’s guide to world of tests and mocks, Maciej Polańczyk [Slides] [Video]

  • Incremental Computation in Python, Phillip Schanely [Slides] [Video]

  • Improving python memory management in a multi-process environment with wendelin.core, Jean-Paul Smets [Slides] [Video]

  • Writing a C Python extension in 2017, Jean-Baptiste Aviat [Slides] [Video]

  • Call a C API from Python becomes more enjoyable with CFFI, Jean-Sébastien Bevilacqua [Slides] [Video]

  • Developer-friendly task queues: what we learned building MRQ, Sylvain Zimmer [Slides] [Video]

  • Robustifying concurrent.futures, Thomas Moreau [Slides] [Video]

Track: Education

  • How to make teenage girls love coding using Python and the visual arts-oriented language Processing ? Ch’ticode [Slides] [Video]

  • Camisole: a secure online sandbox to grade students, Antoine Pietri [Slides] [Video]

  • MOOC Roundtable [Slides1] [Slides2] [Video]

  • Micro: bit workshop

  • Introduce AI to kids? It’s possible! Jill-Jênn Vie [Slides] [Video]

  • Circuit Simulation using Python, Fabrice Salvaire [Slides] [Video]

Track: Scikit Learn

  • Cloud computing made easy in Joblib Alexandre Abadie [Slides]

  • Machine Learning for Computer Security Experts using Python & scikit-learn Anaël Bonneton [Slides]

  • Scikit-learn: an incomplete yearly review Gael Varoquaux [Slides]

  • How to prepare your text data for NLP applications Loryfel Nunez [Slides]

  • Building and deploying a predictive API using scikit-learn, Flask and Docker. Nawfal Tachfine [Slides]

  • Machine Learning to moderate ads in real world classified’s business Vaibhav Singh [Slides]

Track: Core / Web

  • Performant Python Burkhard Kloss [Slides]

  • wolfcrypt: wrapping secrets in Python Moisés Guimarães de Medeiros [Slides]

  • Unicode and bytes demystified Boris Feld [Slides]


  • Program in Python against big data clusters from one VM, thanks to Docker Benjamin Guinebertière [Slides]

  • Topic Modelling (and a lot more) with NLP framework Gensim Bhargav Srinivasa Desikan [Slides]

  • Introduction to Data Analysis using Python Francis Wolinski [Slides]

  • Data analysis with Pandas Joris Van den Bossche

  • Function-as-a-Service: A Pythonic Perspective on Serverless Computing Josef Spillner [Slides] [Tutorial transcript]

  • An introduction to Deep Learning with mxnet Julien Simon

  • AsyncIO and aiohttp workshop Ludovic Gasc [Slides]

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